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We know the struggle

You’ve been there spending countless hours; burning through videos, music and podcasts. Not able to find anything that fits your mood. Just wasting time looking for your golden nugget of entertainment. Usually you don't even find what you are looking for and give up. You deserve a better way.

So much wasted time...

Did you know the average person will spend 1.3 years of their lives trying to find content to watch? That's a prison sentence worth of browsing, sitting and waiting for your freedom.


What if you could have content that matches your high? No more algorithms missing the point, no more breaks to search for the next best thing to watch or listen to.

Cannabook offers audio story experiences hand delivered based on your mind and mood. Take a puff, eat an edible, place that tincture under your tongue, then find a story for your high and let us do the rest.

We're Cannabook, your media mood ring


Content exposure based on high and headspace

  • Quickly filter based on your relative mood and get the best content for you. When your mind changes we change with it.


Simplify your search for "trippy" content

  • Stories designed from the start with your altered state in mind, we are putting that mindset first.


Wander off into hours of content

  • Access to 100's of hours of hand delivered content. You know when it just feels right.


Connect with unique content creators

  • A fun place for cannabis users to collaborate, connect and build a community


Keep things simple

  • Nothing more simple than a free trial and only $6.99 a month after, and both with unlimited access!

“Didn’t even realize what I was missing until Cannabook was introduced to me. This is just a better way of getting to what I want to hear."

- Kyle W. (Lancaster, FL)

"It's a unique mash up of storytelling and sound, creates a really relaxing atmosphere to get lost in."

- Sara E. (Columbus, OH)

Life's just unfair...

Cannabis users are really getting the short end of stick, an entire group that doesn't even have a direct media service. The thing is we're here, high and we're hungry for our own community. Most of the time when you're high, you'll throw something on and space out. We have all struggled to find something that fits, good content is just impossible to find consistently. We're tired of spending hours in the endless search cycle. So we decided to create Cannabook, from the ground up, with your mood and mental state in mind. The content is designed for you being high in the first place; it's a better way to tune in and drop out.

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